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2023 is a benefit re-enrollment year

Note, the details that follow apply only to employees of CBM Office Staff, CBOQ, CBWC, and FBU.
For information about benefits for employees of Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC), refer to

Your Canadian Baptist Benefit Plan (CBBenefits Plan) is set up for biannual benefit re-enrollment. This re-enrollment opportunity allows you to make sure that the benefit Plan option you select - Green Leaf, Orange Leaf, or Blue Leaf – and any member-paid optional benefits you have in place, continue to meet your needs, and those of your family, for the next two years.

Why re-enrol?

We offer a re-enrollment opportunity because your needs and those of your family can change over time. What worked for you two years ago, might not work for you today. Or, next year...

That’s why you have from November 20 to December 1, 2023, to:

  • Review the coverage provided under your current Plan option – Green Leaf, Orange Leaf, or Blue Leaf – and any member-paid optional benefits you have;
  • Think about your health and dental needs – and those of your family – over the last two years and compare it to what you think might be in store for the next two years. Then, decide if your current Plan option is still the right one for you, or if should you choose a different one.
    • To help you decide, it’s often useful to look at the claims you’ve submitted over the last two years. Do you think your needs will be similar, or different (and how) for the next two years?
    • To view your claim history:
      • Log in to My Canada Life at Work (either from your desktop or using the App).
      • Under Benefits, select Claim history. You’ll see all your Processed claims, and you can create a report if you prefer to see claims during a specific period – click on Create claim summary.
  • Review any member-paid optional benefits you have and ensure these continue to meet your needs.

Resources to help you re-enrol

Your CBBenefits website has so many resources to help you make choices that are right for you (you'll find them all on the Forms and Resources page)!

  • Benefits at a Glance – an excellent refresher on what’s covered under each plan option.
  • Election Guide – includes more details than the Benefits at a glance, particularly about the member-paid optional insurance available.
  • 2024 Benefits Rate Sheet – for members choosing the enhanced Blue Leaf Plan, you will pay the difference between the cost of the Blue Leaf Plan and the cost of the Green Leaf/Orange Leaf Plans.
    • Member-paid optional benefit rates are staying the same for 2024.

About your Health Care Spending Account
(Green Leaf and Orange Leaf Plans)

The Green Leaf and Orange Leaf Plans include an employer-funded Health Spending Account (HCSA) (see page 9 of the Election Guide).

The HCSA helps you pay for eligible expenses not otherwise covered under the Plan. For example, the Green Leaf Plan doesn’t include vision care benefits, but the funds in your HCSA can be used to help pay for eligible vision care expenses.

This is just a reminder that any unused funds in your HCSA will not be carried over into next year. They will be refreshed in January 2024 and can be carried over into 2025 if you don’t use them next year. Learn more here.

Re-enrolling is easy!

  • CBM and FBU members: if you are making changes to your Plan or member-paid optional benefits, use the Election Form and return it on or before December 1, 2023, to your employer/treasurer.
  • CBOQ and CBWC members: you will enrol online through AGA’s new enrollment tool (formerly J&D Associates) – you must do this on or before December 1, 2023.
    • Look for an email from AGA (or use the link below) – it includes all you need to register on the new system, then re-enrol for 2024-2025 benefits.


If you do not re-enrol between November 20 and December 1, 2023,
your current Plan option and member-paid optional benefits will not change.

You will have another opportunity to re-enrol in November 2025.

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