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For many of us, spring is all about shaking off the winter blues. After months of cold weather, spring seemingly reawakens our surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life, including feelings of optimism for new possibilities and growth.

CBBenefits is all about providing you with possibilities. One way to do this is by striving to design a plan that offers comprehensive coverage and gives you some flexibility in how you spend your benefits dollars.

This past February, we asked you to participate in a benefits survey. The goal of the survey was to give you an opportunity to provide feedback on your plan, helping us to make informed plan design decisions.

We’d like to thank you for the great response to the survey: we had a 23% participation rate (where the industry average is 7 to 10%). Thank you to all those who participated!

We were delighted to learn that the majority of you understand how your plan works, and you value the cost-effectiveness it provides. Results show that dental, vision care, and prescription drug coverage are highly valued, and our plan’s current flexibility meets your needs.

The survey results tell us we've been successful in meeting our objectives so far, and that we must continue to strive to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and affordable programs into the future.

You, too, have an important role to play. Regularly reviewing your benefits needs, will help ensure you can confidently make informed decisions at benefits re-enrolment time. As 2023 is a re-enrolment year, we’ll be sharing additional communication later this fall, designed to make sure you can confidently choose coverage options that are right for you!

In the meantime, this website is your go-to resource to learn more about your Canadian Baptist Benefits and Savings plans. Be sure to take a look around!

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